Wall Mount

We know how important it is for your businesses – big or small, corporate or personal – that heavily rely on technology to keep their electronic network in good shape and in good working order. That being said, you should consider using a fiber wall mount patch panel or wall mount enclosure, which will keep your cables and connections off the floor and free from the outside elements.

A wall mount fiber patch panel enclosure is the perfect solution for anyone who is big on technology needs but small on space. These wall mount boxes will act as a concealed enclosure for your fiber optic cables, and since they’re connected to the wall, you can be sure that they’re sturdy and reliable. And by providing an off-the-floor storage space for your network, these panels and enclosures will not only save you some extra floor space, but will also keep your expensive cables elevated and out of harm’s way.

So if you’re looking for a space-saving and secure way to store your fiber optic cables, then Gruber Communications is the place for you. By using one of our fiber wall mount patch panels or enclosures, you’ll be able to take your mind off any worries about your expensive electronics, and focus more on getting your work done.

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