• Copper

    Copper (223)

    When setting up a computer network - whether for business or personal use - it’s important to make sure that the connections and bulk cable you’re using are strong and reliable so you can be assured your network will work properly. That’s why Gruber Communication Products offers a wide variety of bulk cable, including cat5 cable, cat6 cable, and cat6a cable - all of which come in a strong copper variety.
  • Fiber

    Fiber (175)

    If you’re in need of setting up a computer or data network for business or personal reasons, there are several pieces of equipment that you’re going to need in order for your network to function properly. Fortunately, Gruber Communication Products has everything you need to get started, including bulk fiber, fiber cable, fiber panels, fiber enclosure set-ups, other fiber tools, and everything else in between!
  • Metal

    Metal (59)

    Decades ago, we looked at metal products available for mounting network  products, and providing cable management, and realized an opportunity existed.  We started a metal fabrication shop, and began listening to not only our structured cabling installation teams, but our customers as well.

    The array of products you see listed in these sections, are the result of trial and error, custom designs that went from concept to ongoing production, and a willingness to think outside the box, and create cool products.