When setting up a computer network – whether for business or personal use – it’s important to make sure that the connections and bulk cable you’re using are strong and reliable so you can be assured your network will work properly. That’s why Gruber Communication Products offers a wide variety of bulk cable, including cat5 cable, cat6 cable, and cat6a cable – all of which come in a strong copper variety.

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  • Blocks - 110 & M66

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  • Panels for Copper

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  • Bulk Wire

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    When you need a lot of cable, we're your source! This category is comprised of bulk lengths of copper wire.
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  • Connectors

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    Our range of connectors is one of the broadest available in the industry. As with many of the innovations at Gruber, our unprecedented LIFETIME WARRANTY on select product groups set new quality and performance standards in the industry which many competitors reluctantly followed and adopted.
  • Wall Plates & Boxes

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    A transfer point for most signal routing is a wall plate. Unlike product behind the walls, ceilings, or wiring closets, a wall termination is highly visible and needs to make a statement. Sensitive to this need, we have designed some of the most visually pleasing, practical Keystone mount wall products in the industry....take a look.