Decades ago, we looked at metal products available for mounting network  products, and providing cable management, and realized an opportunity existed.  We started a metal fabrication shop, and began listening to not only our structured cabling installation teams, but our customers as well.

The array of products you see listed in these sections, are the result of trial and error, custom designs that went from concept to ongoing production, and a willingness to think outside the box, and create cool products.

  • Cable Management

    Cable Management (18)

    Managing cable routing and placement requires not only skillful planning, but products that channel all these cables to their intended entry and exit points.

    Our selection of cable management products have evolved from practical application, since one of the Gruber companies - Gruber Technical Inc has been offering voice data cabling installation services since 1984.

    Today, our wide depth of product, made in the USA, offer you the widest selection of Lifetime Warranty product available.

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  • Hardware Kits

    Hardware Kits (2)

    EIA Rack mount products generally use two SAE thread types - 10-32, and 12-24 hardware.

    With this in mind, we offer kits in a variety of quantities and styles.

  • Blank Panels & Accessories

    Blank Panels & Accessories (5)

    Our machine shop can create any metal panels our customers can conceive.

     Custom manufacturing, with reasonable MOQ's makes us both cost effective, and makes the distance between concept and finished product, very short. Custom silk screening is also available.

  • Racks & Brackets

    Racks & Brackets (14)

    A free standing server rack, cabinet, or wall mount bracket is great way to manage and mount devices. These products are made in the USA, by American workers, and built to a level of quality that allows us to offer Lifetime Warranty.

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  • Shelves

    Shelves (17)

    Over 3 decades ago, we looked at the type of rack and cabinet shelf products that were available, and realized improvement was possible.  We began to improve the thickness of metal, shifted from painting shelves to powder coating for a much more durable finish, added keyboard shelves, aluminum product, and vented surfaces, and improved packaging.  Made in the USA, and carries a Lifetime Warranty.


  • Stainless Steel Wall Plates

    Stainless Steel Wall Plates (7)

    Some wall plate applications require more durability than plastic has to offer, or esthetic requirements dictate brushed stainless steel wall-plates.

    We manufacture a wide selection of stainless steel wall plates to your specifications.